About Us

Habitat Jam was a massive online event organized by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), the Government of Canada and IBM. It was held on December 1-4 2005 to help solve urgent problems of the world’s cities.

Habitat Jam was conceived to set the stage for the World Urban Forum 3 conference, which was held in Vancouver in June 2006. Ideas collected through the Jam were used to define themes and shape discussion topics for delegates attending the conference.

Participation in Habitat Jam was open to public and private-sector organizations and individuals around the world with an interest in urban issues.

IBM provided an Internet-based, collaborative environment that could accommodate up to 100,000 participants worldwide. The IBM team customized the Jam application, hosted Habitat Jam, provided advice and guidance to the World Urban Forum organization, analyzed the data collected, participated at the conference, and assisted in public relations and marketing activities.

IBM had used online Jams internally since 2001 to enable global collaboration among IBMers. IBM’s home-grown Jams are one of the business world’s prime examples of collaborative innovation.

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I (Ray Smith) have now taken over this site and domain name and wish to continue the urban issues theme but focusing on energy waste and green energy solutions that communities can take on board.